Our Team

We consider it important that QTY is run as much as possible by the youth themselves. We have a team of online moderators who are also active in the regular in-person events, and others who help organizing and implementing QTY activities. Their excellent management and communication skills, as well as their friendship, show other teens that young people can be in leadership positions and support the community from within. Many more of our community members devise, plan and run activities on their own.

Haru (they/them) is interested in visual art, music and humanities. At QTY, Haru manages the social networks and discord server, provides peer to peer consultations, co-coordinates the whole project, facilitates regular online and in-person meetings and works on graphic design. Haru is currently studying special education at the University of Hradec Kralove. Haru feels safe at QTY and strives to contribute to building a community space that will grow and endure.

Alex (he/him) is an admin who focuses on managing and improving QTY’s main social hub. Outside of his work he has a passion for music, history and social studies. He is about to begin pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of New York in Prague. Alex spends a lot of his time engaging with members and does his best to stay connected with everyone so QTY can be a welcoming, safe space for members both new and old.

Robin (he/him) is a moderator who aims to maintain and improve QTY as a safe space. He makes sure the online environment runs smoothly and actively participates in communicating with other members, but he also likes to take part in offline meetups and other events that are focused on supporting queer youth. Besides being active in QTY he is also interested in natural and social science and is currently studying a bachelor’s degree in Biology at the Charles University. His main goal is to maintain a friendly and supportive atmosphere in QTY and further help to improve the quality of life of queer youth in the Czech Republic by helping create a community where everyone feels heard and understood..

It is I, Huyen (they/them), two consonants and three vowels. You know what also has two consonants and three vowels? Exactly – queer. With that I was meant to look after my fellow trans and queer youth and i do that by being a mod in QTY. My ultimate goal is to create a safe space for queer POC in the Czech Republic, where people like me can find someone who will make their lives more joyful. However, looking after this community is not the only thing I do. My life is further filled with dancing, crocheting and playing games such as Tetris.

Hi! My name is Lu (any pronouns) and I am currently a student of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts, MUNI in Brno. In addition to QTY, I am also a mentor at sbarvouven and I help organize Brno Pride with queerkod. However, QTY is the organization with which I first began organizing, and in many aspects it is still my primary one; I’m in charge of the QTY Brno events, both the small gatherings and also the bigger events like the Brno Filip20, which I really enjoy organizing, and I’m always very happy when the participants have fun. QTY has not only given me a wonderful opportunity to organize events for young queer people, but also a lot of new friends and amazing experiences.