Our community and activities

Our community comprises LGBTQI+ people from 13-21 years old. Many of our community members suffer from minority stress caused by isolation or bullying (at home or school) which takes the form of anxiety, depression and social anxiety, so we offer psychological support and opportunities to play, chat, have fun, and make friends. 

Our community is also vibrant, fun-loving and creative! We hold approximately 10 to 12 events per month, including picnics, online gaming, art gallery visits, clothes swaps, an improvisational theatre group, a book/film club, support groups, and more. We join demonstrations to add our voices to others. During Pride Week in August of each year, we hold workshops and offer safe spaces for young people to gather. 

Our secure Discord “village” offers a  thriving online community to over 800 members from across the country. Participants connect with each other on channels dedicated to specific identities, geographical location, interests or experiences. 

We use our Discord and Instagram platform, (with over 2000 followers), to highlight special days in the LGBTQI+ calendar, celebrate queer/trans musicians, artists, activists, LGBTQIA rights campaigns and organisations abroad to inspire our community. 

Video reel of activities 2022:

We have many online activities on our Discord server!

Let’s Connect

Let’s connect is a monthly online support group run by therapists for those who need to talk or want to help others in difficult situations. In small groups, we share the issues we are dealing with, offer each other insight and learn from each others’ experiences and ideas in a confidential space. We often practice simple and effective strategies for stress relief that we can use anytime.


We discuss our favorite books, movies, podcasts and more.

Gaming together

We play various games together online, such as Among us and others.

So many channels!

We have more chats for regions, hobbies and identities than you can imagine!

In-person activities

Take your pick!

Join us at one of our friendly LGBTQI+ gatherings for teens (ages 13-21). What might you find? We do so many things together! We have picnics, clothes swaps, walking tours around Prague, improvisational theater classes; we go to tea houses, museums and galleries, check out films and plays together. We have holiday parties and play music together. Join us and let us know what you are interested in – we love to bring new ideas to life! We hold monthly meetings in Prague, often in Brno and sometimes elsewhere in Czechia (České Budějovice, Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou, Olomouc, Plzeň, Turnov, Ústí nad Labem). Host one in your town!